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Buy bulk Magnesium Sulphate-Natural Epsom Salt from Germanybulk Gold Label Epsom Salt, bulk Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes, bulk Organic Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), bulk Magnesium Oil, bulk Dead Sea Salt, bulk Organic Bentonite Clay, bulk Himalayan Pink Salt, bulk Natural Pure Borax,bulk Natural Washing Soda, Based in Australia & NZ (New Zealand), Blants are importers & exporters, and supplies bulk salt orders to businesses around the world at wholesale prices. Retail buyers can buy directly from our Shop Online.

We’re sure you would agree BLANTs prices are hard to beat! Our business model is based more on turnover than reaping huge margins from our products as many businesses do! We really do want to set a fair and affordable benchmark so more people can enjoy the benefits of our products, and are ideal for Health Industry / Beauty & Skin Care / Spa / Float Tanks, and much much more.

Since bulk, and pallet prices vary according to the products & quantity, we are unable to publish prices here.

For a quote on bulk wholesale salts, please email us at orders@blants.co.nz  with an indicative order including your exact location. 

Purchasing full pallets are also available, and pallet loads may also be a mixture of products. [BLANTsreserve the right to determine what constitutes a full pallet, but as a guide it is expected the total weight will be approx 1MT].
For a quote on pallet prices, please email us at  orders@blants.co.nz  with an indicative order including your exact location. Please indicate if you have a forklift to unload pallet orders as this may impact on your quote as most transport companies charge more for providing a truck with a tail-lift.

You may also wish to consider this: We understand that in any business the price you pay, ('the bottom line'), is of paramount importance when choosing your suppliers. There are other factors you may also wish to consider. How well does your supplier know their products? Can they provide you with a Certificate of Analysis [C of A], and do they actually understand it? BLANTs stand alone as a business who thoroughly research suppliers and products, supply chains & grades, and undertakes their own independent analysis in Australia using either Pharmacopeia or Food Grades as the benchmark for analysis. We doubt other suppliers can boast of this, and so you have to ask yourself, ‘just how familiar are they with their products”? One real concern is ‘heavy metal’ contamination. We measure for heavy metals and are pleased to report no heavy metals are detected in our products. 

Thank you for choosing BLANTs for your Bulk buying. You can rest assured you have selected a New Zealand supplier with quality products at the very best price.


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