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Buy Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) bulk wholesale AND retail. Supplier of premium grade, yet economically priced Epsom Salts in New Zealand. Ideal for Home / Health Industry / Beauty & Skin Care / Spa / Float Tanks, and much much more. New Zealand (NZ) & Australia

We have been distributing Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate/sulfate) for several years, principally within the autism community where it is used to assist the body to detoxify.  We know our salt and we won't sell inferior grade.  You might ask - what's the difference ?  It's everything !

Inferior grades are not required to meet the high standards that quality salts do and in their processing cheap chemicals are often used.  Whether for human, feedlot or horticulture use, you run a high risk of heavy metal contamination.That's a bit defeatist, don't you think !  Why risk poisoning your body, your livestock or the soil with a potentially contaminated product when a high quality, tested salt is available at no extra expense ?

BLANTs have researched and viewed countless technical analytical reports to ensure we are well acquainted with the production of Epsom Salts.  We have our salts independently analysed to ensure their quality.  We ship throughout the North & South Islands of New Zealand, and all over Australia with exceptional shipping rates. We are also able to ship bulk salt orders overseas.

Epsom Salts is once again back in vogue.  And why not !  Countless generations have benefited from its therapeutic qualities. It was once common place to soak in a bath of Epsom Salt and feel the tensions evaporate.  In our busy lifestyle we swapped baths for showers and did away with a truly natural  detoxifier, and relaxer.  Many of us have come full circle, recognizing there are no short cuts to good health and wisely returning to some truly wonderful remedies of old ! see Magnesium Health Benefits

The skin is the body's largest organ - think of it like a giant mouth !
Transdermal therapy (via the skin) is a highly effective way of absorbing essential minerals like magnesium, and distributing it to cells that need it. So whether you use Magnesium Sulphate or 
Magnesium Chloride, transdermal absorption is highly effective!

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Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate)
 plays an integral role in assisting the body to rid itself of toxins, sedate the nervous system, supply us with magnesium and sulphates, and in maintaining a healthy intestinal tract. Buy Epsom Salt Online in 1kg, 5kg, 11kg, 25kg. It is beneficial in the treatment of Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Eclampsia in pregnancies.  Epsom Salt benefits in Autism

Epsom Salts are also widely used in the horticultural and hydroponic industry as they greatly assist in the production of chlorophyll, which in turn produces healthy green leaves. It aids in the uptake of nitrogen and potassium, which are essential elements to the overall health and vigour of a plant.  Most professional citrus growers use it.  Roses, Gardenias and Peppers love it also !   see Garden / Horticulture

Face Scrubs, Hair Volumiser, Foot Soak, Splinter Removal and Relief from Sprains are amongst a host of other uses !

We also supply a Natural Epsom Salt (Mg) that is food grade & from Germany.
Where to buy Epsom Salt, look no further, as BLANTs can meet your needs !

* Not for medical or pharmaceutical use

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