Epsom Salt (Gold Label) 5kg

Product code: ES5
Buy BLANTs Epsom Salt [Magnesium Sulphate] Gold Label 5kg online. Supplier of premium grade, yet economically priced Epsom Salt in New Zealand (NZ). Our 5kg buckets are ideal for those with limited storage or for those looking for great value but don’t really need more than 5kg at a time. Quality Epsom Salt should be saturated in magnesium and sulphates, which are the two ingredients that make Epsom Salt what it is and comply with world standard specifications. BLANTs Epsom Salts Gold Label ticks all the boxes as the ideal choice for bath, spa or cosmetic use, so buy online and have it delivered, or buy bulk Epsom Salts.

* Not for medical or pharmaceutical use

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Price: $27.50

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