Float Experience

Imagine yourself in an environment
with Zero gravity – Zero distractions – as you are being saturated with Natural Magnesium Sulphate.
Well together,
BLANTs & FLOATZONE want you to experience just that !
Floatation is an unparalleled environment for relaxation, pain relief, physical recovery and much, much more.
Floatzones’ specially designed float pod is filled with water that has a high concentration of BLANTs Natural Epsom Salt from Germany.
Simply lying & floating effortlessly in this mineral enriched environment for an hour is one of the easiest & most beneficial things you can do for your well-being. Not only will you leave feeling relaxed, revitalized & inspired, you will continue to feel sensational for days to come.
For people who are experiencing anxiety or stress; people who play sports or do physical training and want to speed up recovery and achieve optimum results; people with pain; people who need to learn or be creative, and people who simply want an hour to switch off from the hustle and bustle of life and experience the ultimate in peace, quiet and relaxed mindfulness.

At Floatzone you can have the ultimate float pod experience in Epsom Salts, leaving you amazed with the floating sensation as it is quite surreal !

Muscular-Skeletal Conditions:  The force of gravity on the body is reduced. Blood flow is improved. This is effective for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis and injuries. As you relax, endorphins are released into your body. These block the transmission of pain at the synaptic level. This can help break the vicious cycle of pain/depression that is common with issues like restless leg syndrome, arthritis and scoliosis.

Cardiovascular Conditions:  Floatation has a natural beta-blocker effect, which can help lower high blood pressure. 

Fibromyalgia:  Research shows a significant decrease in pain during the float, and even in between sessions. 

Pain Relief:  Floatation therapy can help your body heal injuries twice as fast. It is a great treatment to complement many forms of physical rehabilitatin. Floating helps release endorphins, which block the transmission of pain.

Insomnia:  Floating reduces the 'stress chemicals' in the body, which aids improved sleep.

Strengthened Immune System:  Our body resources are freed from their job of dealing with external stimuli, allowing them to work on building our natural defences. 

Addiction:  Floating can reduce the pain of withdrawal symptoms, and provides pleasurable feelings. Floating reduces the level of stress-related chemicals, like noradrenaline, in the body. 

Alcohol Use Reduction:  Best achieved while using floating as part of a behaviour modification programme, using positive self-talk while you are in a relaxed state. 

Smoking Cessation:  As with alcohol use reduction, this is best undertaken using positive self-talk and visualization techniques while you are totally relaxed in the Float Pod.

Sports Recovery:  Research has shown that floatation causes a major reduction of muscular tension throughout your whole body, which lasts for days and in some people even weeks after a float session. This -
  • Enhances.and recovery from sport injuries.
  • Reduces lactic acid build up.
  • Rapidly eliminates fatique.
  • Helps reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Reduces cortisol levels.
  • Improves oxygen circulation.
  • Increases beneficial endorphins.
Wayne Rooney spent up to 10 hours a week floating to help him recover from a foot injury and went back to training weeks ahead of schedule.
Enhanced Performance:  As well as the physical benefits to your muscles and joints, you can spend some time in the Float Pod using visualization techniques to improves your sporting performance. As the brain enters the theta state it becomes more open to suggestion.
  • Research has suggested that an hour of visualization while floating is better than 10 hours of reptitive physical practice.         
  • People have reported greater stamina and endurance - likely due to reduced lactic acid build up and reduced oxygen consumption (for up to 2 weeks after each float).
Carl Lewis, said to be the world's greatest athlete, used in-tank visualisation techniques to prepare himself for his gold medal long jump at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The Australian institute of Sport has been using tanks to train their successful Olympic squads since 1983.

Creativity:  University studies show increased skill at creatively taxing activities after floating. Problem solving and visualization skills increase.
Anxiety/Lack of Confidence:  Floating offers a feeling of control and competence that leads to a positive self-concept, increased self-confidence and self-esteem. This is due to reduced levels of cortisol.

Emotional Pain Relief:  Floating reduces stress hormones, offering a great environment to work through traumatic or painful memories without triggering an emotional stress cycle. 

Fatigue & Jet Lag:  One hour of deep relaxation while floating is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep.

Learning Enhancement:  Unlike being asleep, floating relaxes you but your mind remains awake, without the usual bombardment of sensory input to process. When you enter a theta state (where the electrical activity of the brain is reduced) your learning abilities are heightened. Motivation is increased.

Relaxation:  Turn off the outside world !  Floating is a wonderful form of body, and mind relaxation.

Skin & Hair Health:  The magnesium in epsom salt is hydrating for your skin and hairs. 

Stress Relief:  The relaxing effect of floating provides stress relief during the session, and has an accumulative effect the more often you float. Floating is excellent for stress-related issues like: 
  • asthma
  • coronary heart disease
  • depression
  • fertility issues
  • hypertension
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • migraines
  • ulcers
Visualisation:  The Float Pod is the best environment for visualization because the ensuing relaxation is so profound that the brain generates an amazing amount of very slow, strong theta waves, which are associated with the vivid, life-like images that people often experience just before they fall asleep and wake up. When floating, you have an alert mind with a relaxed body. 

Visualisation has been proven to aid memory, creativity and sports performance.

Work:  Stress related illnesses affect many businesses & their workforces. Companies around the world look to floatation as a way to help their employees achieve stress-relief quickly and easily, with minimum personal commitment and effort.

Floating improves creativity, problem-solving, concentration, motivation and energy levels, as well as physical well-being like improved postured and better sleep.

Businesses should benefit from fewer stress-related sick days.

We provide deals for companies that wish to offer floating sessions to their employees as part of a healthcare package or reward scheme. 



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