Magnesium Oil 125ml

Product code: MO125ml
Buy Natural Magnesium Oil Spray - BLANTs a reliable supplier in New Zealand (NZ) with one of the most concentrated pure Magnesium Oil on the market that rapidly works to relieve pain in muscles & joints, and increase magnesium (Mg) levels. Transdermal Magnesium is far superior & the quick, no fuss spray on method to replenish your body’s magnesium stores between bath soaks. Originating from the ancient, deep mineral deposits of the Dead Sea & is truly an affordable pure concentrated Magnesium Oil and the benefits are numerous including greater energy, more relaxed muscles (and stronger connective tissues), better sleep, improved mental function and the list goes on. Available in a handy travel size 125ml spray bottle. You can also buy bulk Natural Magnesium Oil & have it delivered - Contact Us for a quote.

* Not for medical or pharmaceutical use

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