Organic Bentonite Clay - 9kg

Product code: BC9kg
Buy Organic Bentonite Clay, Australia & NZ supplier online in bulk 9kg and have it delivered. Bentonite Clay is known to have an abundance of minerals, and also known to attract and bind ‘free radicals’ and other toxins. BLANTs Organic Bentonite Clay is a Sodium Bentonite, sourced from a natural deposit in Australia, and is finely milled to 45 microns resulting in a silky smooth powdery clay for many benefits & uses. Compliant to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, our Bentonite Clay may be used internally or externally. Harvest and production is a simple process of - harvest, dry, mill, and package with absolutely no chemicals used, testimony to the NASAA Organic Input Certification unique to our supply.

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