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Blants Good Gifting Guide 2020

Have you had that feeling yet of ‘What do I get (tricky to buy for relative) for Christmas?’  Maybe we can help!

(If you’re reading this before 14th December, we’re also helping you out with a 15% saving on our gift-sized tubs and single magnesium oil sprays – no code required, just head to our shop and check out your discounted prices.)

Our natural lifestyle and well-being products might not immediately scream ‘Perfect Christmas Present!’ but make a cuppa and have a quick read of this gifting blog: You might be surprised by some of the ideas. After all, great gifts are unexpected, and should make the recipient richer, not just reinforce their tastes.

Perfect Christmas Present

If you think about it, gifts that enhance someone’s well-being simply can’t be

X – the wrong colour

X – the wrong size

X – lacking in taste

X – a double up (well they could be, but one won’t go ‘off’ while the other is used up).

And Blants products are free from additives like fragrances and colourings. In other words, people with sensitive skin who might not be able to use, say, store-bought bath bombs and face masks, can safely use our products. They are also suitable for vegans and are not tested on animals.

‘It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.’ Mother Teresa.

If you have the time you could put together gift sets using our products that can be inexpensive but creative and meaningful, and will show the recipient that you really thought about them.

For example, pair any of our bath soaks with a beautiful soy candle in a fragrance you know they like. Votive sized candles don’t break the bank, and you can support some amazing small NZ businesses who hand-make these with love. Perfect for a busy mum who would benefit from taking a relaxing break. Definitely great for a teacher who’s counting down the days till the end of that special craziness known as Term 4!

Bath Soaks and Candles

Another thoughtful but inexpensive combo is a bath soak and a magazine. Books can be expensive. If you go for an author they like, they may well have the book already. If you’re taking a gamble on introducing them to a new author, you might make the wrong choice. A magazine is just the thing for someone to dip into at this relaxed time of year. Or maybe a puzzle book. I usually take one of those when we go camping. If I get 20 minutes of peace while the kids are off making friends you might well find me sitting in my old broken camping chair and puzzling out a sudoku while my sunburned feet are being soothed in an Epsom salt foot soak!

Epsom Foot Soak

Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt and our fine Himalayan pink salt also make fantastic nourishing and skin-soothing shower scrubs. You can gift them ‘as is’ but if you like to get creative (or if, like us, your children go on school holiday long before Christmas and need projects to fill their days) check out this really simple home-made gift idea. We’ve called it a foot scrub/soak, but it’s also a lovely body scrub that can be personalised with scents to suit your recipients. Start collecting recycled jars now, and off-cuts of ribbon, and they’re not only environmentally friendly, they’ll cost you less too! They’re a great gift for teens, especially if you have a teen of your own who’d like to get gifts for lots and lots of friends but doesn’t have a big budget.

Skin shower Scrubs

And if you have no time (or energy!) to get creative?

All you need is a box and a tag and you can gift a ‘kit’. For example:

The camping survival kit 

Epsom salt (use it as a soothing foot soak, for splinter removal, and even for volumizing your ‘beach hair’).

Organic sodium bicarb (great for cleaning and stain-removal, and deodorising things like smelly shoes. It’s also great for relieving itchy or sunburned skin, and if you’ve forgotten your toothpaste or deodorant, baking soda is a great stand-in)

Natural laundry blend (if you’re away long enough to need to do your washing, this sturdy resealable tub is really handy to take. You can also use a wee sprinkle of it as an effective hand cleaner.

Magnesium oil is a great addition to any ‘kit’ but especially when you’re camping. It’s the quickest, easiest way to top up your magnesium levels, which get depleted by exertion and sweating, stress and anxiety. Hopefully you won’t experience that on your holiday. But camping trips don’t always run smoothly! If applying magnesium oil spray is already a part of your bedtime sleep hygiene routine, it’s definitely a good idea to take it with you when you go away somewhere.

Camping Getaway Kit

The bath bomb making kit

People of all ages love bath bombs. But – they can be very costly, at the $7 – $10 mark for one 100g bath bomb. Or you can buy cheaper bath fizzers with ingredients like ‘Polysorbate 20’ and ‘CI 42090’ (I had to search this one up – it’s a synthetic compound used as a colourant in beauty products).

If you gift the creative person in your life a tub of Natural Epsom salt, one of natural sodium bicarb, and one of citric acid, they can have fun making their own personalised bath bombs. Then have the enjoyment of using them in the bath, knowing they contain no nasties that might irritate their skin. Any silicone mould, such as ice cube trays will work, or you can source moulds that are specifically for making bath bombs.

Bath Bomb Kit

Face masks

We’re talking the skin-soothing, pimple-slaying kind, not the sneeze-containing kind. Much as with  bath bombs, they can be expensive, and you’re not always sure of what they contain that will end up on your skin. One I saw online today had 43 ingredients in its 60ml, $50 pottle!

One of our $16 ($13.60 till December 14th) tubs of Bentonite clay can provide you with up to a whole year’s worth of face masks. You do need to mix it to a paste by adding water. But you’ll know that those are the only 2 ingredients.

We love this review from Monique – “Amazing on the skin. I have used it twice now as a mask on both my face and troubled skin areas (psoriasis) and it leaves my skin feeling so nice and face so soft! Usually have sensitive skin that reacts to most things but didn’t react at all. New favourite product!”

If you’d like to ‘giftify’ this face mask treat even further, you could add a pretty bowl and spoon to prepare the face mask in, or a magazine to read whilst relaxing with the face mask on.

Face Mask Bentonite Clay

To sum up, this festive season, why not gift something different, something natural and high quality, that supports well-being and can be fun. You’ll be supporting our wee NZ business. And you can do it for less – shop for your gift-sized tubs before 14th December for your 15% discount! Shop Now

Did you know? The fear of receiving gifts is called Doronophobia.

I’m very fortunate in not experiencing this phobia!


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