Himalayan Pink Salt – Coarse

Himalayan Pink Salt - Coarse
Himalayan Pink Salt – Coarse

Blants NZ has found you a pure, concentrated, quality, Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt at a great low price. This food grade salt is free from environmental pollutants, with no additives – no colourants, flavouring or flow agents. It is non-GMO and fumigation-free. It contains 84 trace elements and minerals that occur naturally in the earth. The striking pink colour is indicative of its rich and varying mineral content.

Approved Ingredient by Australian Certified Organic for manufacturing Organic and Bio-Dynamic certified products.

Please check it out on the ACO website by browsing the above link. When you land on the page, select suppliers in alphabetical order and you will see all the Blants listings.

Our salt is sourced from a secluded region in the Himalayas. Our supplier gives a percentage of their profit back to the local community to support programs that help people with disabilities to find employment.

How to use Himalayan Pink Salt

Change ordinary bath water into a mineral smorgasbord. Bathing with Himalayan Pink Salt is a truly refreshing experience for mind & body.

In the bath – add 2-4 cups to warm water, lie back and relax for at least 15 minutes.

You can use ½ cup in a warm foot spa while you relax in the evening.

It makes a great shower scrub – rub a handful into your skin for a revitalising pick-me-up.

Of course, you can also use it in the kitchen. It has a sensational flavour, as well as being purer and higher in mineral content than table salt.

Available online in NZ in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.

For wholesale and bulk buy Himalayan, please contact us.



Himalayan Pink Salt – Coarse – Reviews

Helpful customer reviews and ratings to assist you with deciding on a product:

  1. concetta.yeoman5 (verified owner)

    The Himalayan Pink Salt is excellent quality & beautiful in colour. Looks amazing in a jar with rose petals. Great service from Dionne & Charles & lovely personal touch with hand written thank you 🙂
  2. sbrockie (verified owner)

    Am really happy with this salt. It is much more colourful than what you get at the supermarket. Delivery and customer service was prompt and responsive.
  3. Nicky Gregory (verified owner)

    Would totally recommend this product! Also the price, customer service and delivery were also great. Love the container as it can be reused, definitely a bonus for the planet!
  4. maddy schafer (verified owner)

    I love himalyan salt. I was looking for a good quantity of coarse food grade salt at a decent price and this one ticks all the boxes. the pail is solid, seals tightly but is easy to open, and is good to either reuse or recycle.
  1. libby01 (verified owner)

    I use these to make my kawakawa bath salts & they are bliss!! Plus add in Epson salts to mix it up 🙂
  2. Melanie (verified owner)

    I have used these salts in my soak and detox blend, absolutely love the look of them when mixed with other two salts and provides a nice visual amongst the white as well as being packed full of amazing therapeutic qualities! Blants you are the BEST.
  1. Thomas Bennett (verified owner)

    Great - will use for kraut, after grinding with a ceramic coffee grinder.


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