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Magnesium Chloride vs Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate)

Which is the best source of Magnesium out of these 2 products ?

We’ve been asked to alleviate peoples confusion, and understandable, as both products contain magnesium – One bonded to sulphates, and the other bonded to chlorides – so it does beg the question, which is better & which will provide more magnesium to the body ?

Adding to the confusion are the online postings of some who sell only Magnesium Chloride, reporting incorrect levels of magnesium in the two compounds.

We at Blants can unequivocally provide an answer without bias because we sell both products – so no bias – just facts!

We not only have our own products independently analysed, but also other popular brands, those that can be purchased online and from shopfront health stores. Why ? because we are passionate about what we do & it’s important to us to know our products, and to make comparisons confidently & accurately based on actual independent analysis, not hype !

So here are the Facts about The Magnesium in “Magnesium Chloride” and “Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate)”

With both products, there are Three Tiers of Measurements:

1. The first tier – Magnesium Chloride and Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) are flakes/crystals respectively bound with H2O. This is known as the ‘Assay’, and the measurement in both is usually represented as 99-100%.

2. The second tier – is the measurement of Magnesium Chloride or Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) as ‘Compounds’, meaning Without H2O, and this is in the range of 46-49%.

3. The third tier – is the actual magnesium, called ‘Elemental Magnesium’. This is the actual magnesium when separated from the chlorides or sulphates. In Magnesium Chloride it is in the range of 13-14%, and with Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) in the range of 11-12%.

Now – When either Mag Chloride or Epsom Salt (mag sulphate) are diluted into water the bonds separate, so we are left with 3 things;

1. magnesium on its own,
2. sulphates on their own ,
3. chlorides on their own,

and so we uptake those 3 elements separately. Therefore, whether the ‘Magnesium’ is initially bound to Chlorides or Sulphates becomes inconsequential as it is no longer bound to either, but is up-taken as Magnesium !

**The independent analysis by Blants on Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) indicates a level of 11-12% Elemental Magnesium. (Plus you get the benefits of sulphates). This is the analysis on our own Epsom Salt, Gold Label & Super Natural.

**The independent analysis of the several brands of Mag Chloride, including our own, indicates a level of 13-14% Elemental Magnesium. (Plus you get the benefits of chlorides).

So as it can be seen there is a difference BUT it is very minimal, and certainly NOT the huge difference as reported by some.

Bottom line is both products are beneficial to the body as each provide different essential elements – AND both Magnesium Chloride & Epsom Salt will provide similar levels of Magnesium, it’s just that one is bound to sulphates & the other is bound to chlorides, AND Each plays an important role within the body.

So be at ease with whichever magnesium you choose. They are BOTH great products and you will be receiving Similar Levels of replenishing magnesium!

Happy bathing!



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