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    Magnesium Oil Spray
    Magnesium Oil Spray

    New Zealand’s best value concentrated magnesium oil is now even more affordable – our triple value pack will last you a long time. Or get one for each family member so no-one has to pinch yours!

    Using this transdermal magnesium is the quickest, easiest, most superior way to replenish and maintain your body’s magnesium stores.

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    7 reviews for Magnesium Oil Spray 3x250ml

    1. Pōhiri Ginette Caird (verified owner)

      This is an amazing product. Before going to sleep I spray and massage Mg oil into my feet. This helps me to have a restful sleep. Sometimes my legs feel like they are on fire. I spray on my legs and massage into my muscles. My legs relax instantly. It relieves any neck, lower back and muscle pain. I spray it onto my abdominal eczema. This stings and is very painful. After two evenings of massaging Mg oil into my abdominal eczema, it’s gone. I love this product. I have shared it with family members who say they successfully use this oil for their ailments. I add wintergreen essential oil into the Mg oil and massage my whole body before exercise and hot yoga. I have no muscle ache after exercising. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    2. elisedereknz (verified owner)

      I’m in love with this product… so much so I went back and bought the triple pack and shared the aroha with my extended whanau! Perfect for my aching teacher shoulders, hubby’s tight cycling calves and my sporty teenagers rave about it. We call it ‘Magnesium Magic’!

    3. skirk (verified owner)

      Thank you for this amazing magnesium oil spray! The three pack is great value.
      Massaging into aching/tight muscles at night helps to relax into a restful sleep.
      I find massaging into my feet helps “calm” my thoughts after a busy day. The effect is so quick and we never leave home without this oil now.

    4. Hugh Algie (verified owner)

      Cramp can be extremely painful and the effects can last for hours, both my wife and I have found that while having cramp spraying Magnesium Oil on the effected part of the body the cramp eases and disappears generally in less than a minute. I have also found that if I have exercised a lot during the day, I rub Magnesium Oil into my legs as a prevention measure which also works a treat. We have have zero side effects and would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from Cramp.

    5. graeches (verified owner)

      For 40 years I have needed to take magnesium tablets for muscle cramps. A number of months ago I had stomach problems and on visiting my doctor she said the magnesium tablets were the problem and suggested using magnesium powder and making it up. As I looked around I came upon Blants, and even better ready made magnesium oil spray, and even better the three pack. I use it on the soles of my feet night and morning and also once per day on my legs. I now have no stomach problems and no cramp. Brilliant, thank you Blant’s.

    6. Liz (verified owner)

      Very happy with my order. The magnesium oil is fantastic quality and strength and rubs in and absorbs well with no sticky or oily residue. Finding it very helpful both for me and my husbands restless legs, has made a significant improvement to his ‘twitching’. I use this every day, and have also gifted some to my daughters to help with sleep. Fantastic service also. Very impressed by how quickly Dionne responded to my queries. Will definitely purchase again and will recommend.

    7. Julene Feierabend (verified owner)

      purchased the magnesium spray and am very pleased with it. is being used on grandchildren as their magic spray for sleeping and aches.

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