• Natural Epsom Salt – Food Grade – 25kg


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    Natural Epsom Salt – food grade – 25kg

    Natural Epsom Salt - food grade
    Natural Epsom Salt – food grade


    Blants natural Epsom salt is a truly quality product, sourced in Germany, where it is skillfully mined to bring you a pure, food grade salt for internal & external use.

    Ideal for home use in baths and foot spas/float pods and tanks/beauty and spa industry/for gardening and more.

    Our bulk bag is extremely economical.

    For more info about our Natural Epsom Salts and Uses

    10 reviews for Natural Epsom Salt – Food Grade – 25kg

    1. Trish Waipouri (verified owner)

      Great product. I use this especially throughout winter to help my body with detox bath soaks. Great for the kids after daycare to wind down with an Epsom salt & lavender. I always buy from Blants great service. Trish

    2. Jonelle Tumaru (verified owner)

      My favourite Epsom salts to use for my family and for clients. High quality for healing skin, getting magnesium into your blood and as an internal medicine when needed. Purity is important for us, which makes this product great.

    3. Lee Olsen (verified owner)

      I have purchased the epsom salts because there are so many different uses for it but mainly to use as a natural pick me up for the soil and plants in my garden.
      I also give the goldfish in the pond an epsom salt treat to keep them happy and healthy too

    4. megmcgrath4 (verified owner)

      If more people in our society had regular epsom salts baths I’m sure it would help them with a lot of physical and mental ailments that exist out there, and people would also be recovering a lot sooner

      I’m sure too that people would be a lot calmer, and also more focused, by getting that good dose of good quality magnesium into their bodies in this way

      Getting that magnesium into our bodies is absolutely VITAL, – it is a truly amazing and essential mineral.

      Thanks to Blants for providing good quality and safe epsom salts for us, – as I earlier found out “Not all Epsom Salts are the same” and some epsom salts are actually safer than others, – so I then did my own research, and found Blants

      I also wanted a brand of epsom salts that was safe for my four year old son’s baths

      As a result I found this “food grade” and “safe” epsom salts

      My four year old now has low dose epsom salt baths several times a week for the last six months, and loves it, and we have noticed many great benefits in him having these baths from muscle relaxation, to more relaxed mood, decongesting, and skin cleansing
      My son also used to get colds and congestion on and off before the baths, but since having the baths regularly he has not had any of that

      We then have higher dose epsom salts bath several times a week also, and also really notice the benefits to our skin, muscle, mood, detoxing, and decongesting too

      These baths overall are so very important for adults as well as children

    5. Karen Kelly (verified owner)

      Love this product. Have a food fast coming up and long baths are a great distraction from food.

    6. libby01 (verified owner)

      Great product! Great size to as I use a lot of salts for my bath salts that I sell with Gilly’s Magik Balms 🙂

    7. nicholeganley (verified owner)

      This is the nicest Epsom Salts I’ve ever bought. The quality is obvious. Often I’d soak in other Epsom Salts and not feel so great afterwards. Always feel great after using these!

    8. Stacey Hancock (verified owner)

      This is the second time ordering 25kg Epsom salt from Blants. They’re always so efficient! I received my bag by courier on Saturday morning just in time to enjoy my weekend soak 🙂 other companies make it difficult to order their 25kg bags but Blants just gets on with the job of serving customers. Thanks guys! I’m using it to help me get through a mold detox protocol, plus I can’t digest sulphur very well so the double whammy of magnesium sulphate is perrrrrrrfect for me. Thanks again.

    9. Stacey Hancock (verified owner)

      I just wanted to add to my review, the 25kg bag is $10 cheaper than than the brand Natural Epsom Salts who are selling the identical product in case any shoppers are trying to save a few $$ 🙂

    10. Jayantha Soysa (verified owner)

      Since past several years I am a regular buyer of this 25 kg bags, I have no hesitation to recommend to any new buyers It is a perfect product and I like it. So far I had no issues when using it.

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