• Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes 800g



    Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes
    Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes

    This Natural Magnesium Chloride from the Tibetan Plateau is ideal for increasing your magnesium levels safely.

    Absorbing magnesium through your skin has many benefits, including joint and muscle relief, improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, headache relief, increased energy, stronger immune system and more.

    Our 800g tub is convenient and is a great size to take with you for better sleep and pain relief when you’re traveling. It makes a thoughtful gift for someone in need of some TLC.

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    6 reviews for Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes 800g

    1. Rachell Penberth (verified owner)

      Product arrived within two days and is of excellent quality. I love how natural it is!

    2. clare.price05 (verified owner)

      Love this product use it to make my own magnesium oil which lasts me for months! 😊

    3. hailee wheeler (verified owner)

      I love Blants for all their products being natural organic with no additives. Shipping is fast and they are great at communication . Mag flakes are so useful for baths, oils, soaking feet, LIVE this product

    4. bridgiehammond (verified owner)

      I used the magnesium flakes with water to make a spray to help my boys and I sleep! 2 nights used and it has really helped me sleep a lot better! Highly recommended!

    5. ashnrich (verified owner)

      I am actually so grateful to have come across this site. I love how blants sell small size of all. But is still a huge ammount and is such a decent price! I bought dead sea mud powder, diatomaceous earth, dead sea bath salt, sodium bicard, betonite clay, borax, mag chloride flakes pure borax, mag spray. Not only is alot of this good for in baths,internally, externally. But its all clean no additives, some are even organic. Im so stoaked and grateful. This will be my new go to place to order. And even got a lovely handwritten thank you. Thanks team x

    6. aylahutchin (verified owner)

      This is the best bath soak I have EVER had. I felt so relaxed after every soak and definately felt pain in my back muscles ease up everytime. I bought a small container to test it and am going back for a big one next time so that my husband can enjoy the benefits too! Thanks blants team 🙂

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