• Natural Sodium Bicarbonate – 5kg



    Organic Natural Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)
    Organic Natural Sodium Bicarbonate

    Our premium grade, economically priced Sodium Bicarbonate is a natural, aluminium-free, USP & food grade baking soda, and is registered with Australia Certified Organic (ACO) as an Approved ingredient for food formulations, or manufacturing organic products as a Bicarb suitable for Organic Input Production. It’s non-GMO, not tested on animals, and is suitable for vegans.

    Not just for baking, use it as an all-round household cleaner, add to your washing powder for whiter whites, make your own health and beauty products like toothpaste and deodorant. It’s also great for soothing muscles in the bath.

    Our 5kg bucket is ideal if you have limited storage, or don’t need a large amount at one time.

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    5 reviews for Natural Sodium Bicarbonate – 5kg

    1. Alix Marriner (verified owner)

      I use sodium bicarbonate for many things and to be able to buy it in a 5kg bucket is awesome. In the past, I have bought tiny jars of it from supermarkets. This is such a convenient way of buying it, especially when you live out in the country! Thanks Blants!

    2. carlipamplin (verified owner)

      I use sodium bicarbonate to make my own washing powder, dishwasher powder and soft scrub cleaning paste so it’s perfect being able to purchase it in a bulk for all my cleaning requirements.

    3. hailee wheeler (verified owner)

      Everyone needs Organic Natural Sodium Bicarbonate in their house, if you care about your health and want to clean without chemicals bathe without chemicals and rod smells without chemicals this is the one from the laundry to the toilet this baking siad is epic. So many uses for baking soda

    4. happykioamber-1420 (verified owner)

      I started drinking baking soda few years ago, and there’s only few companies that sell organic natural sodium bicarbonate in NZ. Since I have been drinking it, I don’t have indigestive problems and I don’t feel so tired as much as I used to. I also heard that drinking baking soda can cure cancer. Anyway, hope this review will help someone with health issues.

    5. bridgiehammond (verified owner)

      Absolutely love this product! I used alongside salt and washing soda to make my own washing powder plus added a few drops of essential oils and my clothes have never smelt better! The BEST thing I love is that it doesn’t leave residue on my washing machine door like other products do!! Life changing stuff! Thank you

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