Spring Cleaning without the chemicals

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Welcome to Spring! We were full of the joys of warmer days arriving and lighter starts to the day, while taxi-ing children to early morning sports training, until we noticed how many spring-cleaning jobs we had to do around the house and garden. Do any of these ring a bell for you too?

  • De-sliming the driveway and deck.
  • Cleaning the windows – the sun is lovely but it really shows up where all the grimy bits are!
  • De-gunking the washing machine (must have been all those messy winter sports kits).
  • De-fuzzing the tumble dryer.
  • De-staining the kitchen sink.
  • Cleaning the oven.
  • Washing down the kitchen cabinets.
  • Sorting out the junk drawer (it’s more like a whole junk cupboard to be honest).
  • Freshening the shower drain.
  • Cleaning the outside table and chairs.
  • Dealing with the dreaded BBQ.

And more that I just haven’t noticed yet I’m sure …

I don’t have ‘time and money-saving ideas’ for all of these (those junk drawers have minds of their own, I give up) but if you have our multi-purpose natural cleaning products, here are some tips on how to make them do the work for you:

Slimy paths and driveways – sprinkle washing soda on the affected areas then dampen. Leave for at least 12 hours then brush off with a stiff brush. Or make up a strong solution with hot water and scrub.

Cleaning the windows – blend a tablespoon of citric acid with a litre of water. Transfer to a spray bottle, spray your windows then wipe dry.

De-gunking the washing machine – first off, if you have a front loader and the seal is mouldy, cover the area in white vinegar, leave it for about 15 minutes then scrub with a sponge. Last time I used an old toothbrush to really get into the crevices. Add ½ cup of baking soda (sodium bicarb) to the dispenser. Pour a cup of white vinegar into the drum, then select a normal wash cycle with hot water. When it’s finished, make sure to dry out the machine.

(If you have mineral build up in your machine, use citric acid in a solution with hot water, run on a normal cycle (without laundry in there of course!). Citric acid is also great for removing mineral build up from dishwashers, coffee machines and shower heads).

De-staining the kitchen sink – this is a great one to get the kids involved with, as we use the sodium bicarb and vinegar fizzing volcano method! Make sure the plug is in then sprinkle bicarb all over the sink and pour over some white vinegar. Once the fizzing has died down it’s really easy to scrub away the stains with a sponge. Then take the plug out and give the plughole a scrub too.

Cleaning the oven – oh how I used to hate this job! I thought I had to use the special oven-cleaning spray which gave me a headache and seemed to taint my cooking for days afterwards (don’t listen to my children if they tell you my cooking is just always that bad!). If only I’d known that all I had to do was sprinkle a good helping of sodium bicarb over the surface, damp it down with water and just leave it. Next morning, scoop up the mess and rinse the oven with a clean cloth. You can also pour white vinegar onto the bicarb. All that fizzing really dislodges the grime in no time. The oven racks get treated to a bicarb bath! Not actually in your bath, just a tub big enough to hold them. Sprinkle the racks with bicarb and cover with warm water. Leave them soaking then you’ll find the grime is really easy to remove with a cloth.

Washing the kitchen cabinets – again, no fancy highly-scented kitchen spray required. Use 1 part citric acid to 10 parts water to really give a deep-down clean to your benchtops and cabinets.

Freshening drains – all you need is a few tablespoons of bicarb tipped down the drain then flushed with hot water. For added oomph you can pour vinegar on top of the bicarb for its magic fizzing effect. Then rinse away after 15 minutes with hot water.

Cleaning the outside furniture – Plastic or cane garden furniture comes up as good as new using a strong washing soda solution.

The dreaded BBQ! Baking soda for the win. Make a bicarb paste, spread it on your grill, leave for a while then wipe clean. Read what these barbecue experts say about bicarb for natural cleaning.

We love that we don’t have to use highly-scented strong chemicals for cleaning, with all the -ates and  -ols and unpronounceable things they contain, that don’t just affect us but the environment too, once they’re washed down the drain.

If you’re tackling your spring-cleaning jobs soon, you can get our natural cleaning products on sale until 7 September.  Would you like to try a new plant-based laundry blend that doesn’t contain any of the chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin? You’ve got 15% off that too!

PS – once you’ve finished all the chores, treat yourself to a bath with a cup of bicarb in it – not only is it a great natural cleaner, it’s brilliant for relieving tension and leaving you feeling relaxed!



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