Travel with Magnesium Oil

Why my Magnesium Oil is a must in my suitcase when I travel.

I’m out of the country at the moment, visiting family and friends in Scotland. Even choosing the fastest option I could find, my journey was still nearly 46 hours door to door. And I used my Magnesium Oil a fair bit during that time. So, actually, the blog title wasn’t correct – I carry Mag Oil in my suitcase AND in my hand luggage – I transfer some into a 10ml glass roller bottle so it’s small enough to fit in my regulation bag of allowed liquids, and discreet enough to apply without accidentally spraying the person beside me in the eye.

Why do I rely on my Magnesium Oil when I travel (and for the whole of my holiday)?

Sleep – Magnesium is a muscle relaxant, and helps me get to sleep. I am TERRIBLE at sleeping on planes. But a few years ago, I discovered that Magnesium Oil really does help me to nod off, and stay asleep for longer than the 20 minute cap nap that I used to manage. So now it’s part of my pre-sleep routine:

After the first meal service (another hint – take your own no-caffeine tea bags rather than have airline coffee) I apply some Magnesium Oil from my roller onto my calfs and shins. Then I make sure I’ve been to the loo, I make myself comfy and turn on a boring movie which seems to help my eyelids droop … this time I managed a solid block of 5 hours sleep!

Magnesium for sleep and rest while you travel

Pain – then, of course, we have the post-plane-sleep neck niggles to contend with! I’ve never managed that elusive upgrade to business class, so sleeping on a plane usually means waking up with a stiff neck. Massaging my Magnesium Oil into my neck and shoulders helps relax those muscles. Because I use the Magnesium Oil daily, I also no longer experience muscle cramps and twitches that can be a nuisance on long-haul flights where you’re sitting in one position for long periods. I do also happen to be one of those annoying passengers that gets up every so often (always pick an aisle seat!) to do a spot of stretching by the galley. Hint – this is also a good way to stock up on extra mid-flight water and snacks!

Magnesium for aches and niggles


Jetlag – Since using Magnesium when I travel, jet lag doesn’t affect me as much. This is probably related to getting some decent sleep on the plane, and general reductions in stress levels. It also helps if I adjust my watch to the time of my destination as soon as I get on the plane. And I do try to take a flight that lands between 4 – 8pm so I can have a walk, eat dinner, take an Epsom Salt bath (more magnesium!) then go straight to bed. Then I can sleep until 7 without the dreaded 3am ceiling-stare.

Magnesium for jetlag

Energy levels – This may sound odd. I’ve just said that Magnesium helps me to sleep. But Magnesium also helps produce and transport energy. When I’m on holiday I like to squeeze fun out of every last minute of the day, without feeling lethargic. It’s also great for reducing brain fog. During my holiday I apply magnesium to my feet every night before bed.

Magnesium for energy levels

Protection – It’s impossible to avoid close contact with people when traveling. Train stations, airports, and planes mean lots of people who may be carrying germs that could wreck your holiday. Magnesium strengthens the body’s inbuilt defence mechanism, boosting protection from invading germs.

Eating and keeping regular – If you’re like me, holidays do tend to involve rather more food and drink than normal. And eating out does seem to mean less of the good green stuff, and more treats (I’ve been in York – how could I resist those quaint tea rooms?). The more sugar and processed foods we consume, the faster we use up our stores of Magnesium, so it’s a great idea to keep our levels topped up daily. Magnesium can also help keep us ‘regular’. Dehydration after the flight, different foods, and perhaps more alcohol than normal can cause constipation. Nobody wants that kind of discomfort on holiday! Using your Magnesium Oil Spray daily can help keep bowel movements regular.

On that lovely note, it’s time to head out for dinner. It’s summer here, so I’ll aim to choose a nice healthy salad. Though summer here is similar to a Northland winter, so maybe a bowl of soup it is!

Summer in Scotland



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